JJ Smyths

My husbands band was invited to play in JJ Smyths on Aungier Street, brilliant venue, at a fundraiser for a local community radio station.

JJ’s started started off as a family owned grocery and public house back in the 1730’s, it has changed throughout the years and now you can hear live Jazz and Blues sounds of the city from within it’s doors.  JJ’s became one of the cities oldest continuous licenses, which has remained on precisely the same site since the 1730’s and was the birthplace of the famous Irish poet and playwright Thomas Moore in May 1779. They have live Blues and Jazz music six nights of the week.



Dublin South FM was the first local community radio station to go on air in 1995 and is the BAI community radio in South Dublin on the former (now defunct) 104.9 frequency. It was formed to solve the difficulty local groups had in letting people know what was going on in the locality and provide a new medium of scope for the community. What stated off as a somewhat ‘pirate’ station has now become a fully licensed BAI Service for South Dublin and beyond and is a project run by volunteers from the local community with the support of permanent fulltime staff.

so of course I had to go along and get some gig photos!

The lineup was: ( I hope I have everyone…)

Gareth Brannigan     http://www.garethbrannigan.com/

Colin Scallan              http://colinscallan.com/

Brens Launch Crew

Bigdogg & The Bailouts         https://www.facebook.com/bigdoggvox

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you can find all these guys on Facebook/Myspace  if you do a quick search, they’re well worth a listen.


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