VIP{Boudoir} 9th June Session

Im feeling some love for photography today and thought id share some thoughts on one of my favourite kinds of photography…


Theres a few Boudoir photographers around the country, but I think I have a slightly different take on things, I dont work from a studio but from local glamorous hotels, (something alot of us dont do is spend time in fab hotels,  I wish i could more often! room service anyone?!…..)   I have a lovely team with me in Fauve and Louise, doing hair and makeup and assisting me on the day, I am a normal girl, a mum, not a model, I have my own body issues so I can help you with posing and any bits you want to hide!

Theres something about Boudoir that I really love more than other types of photography, it’s  about feeling emotion through the photos, this lovely client in front of me could have any reason in the world for having these photos taken, they could be a new mum, a cancer survivor, they could be an army wife, they might have achieved a significant weightloss, this could be the fittest theyve been in years! anything! I love that!

I love that people put such an importance and value to their sessions. Theres no better feeling, I get a buzz off it too… can feel that persons confidence growing throughout the shoot, and you start to bounce ideas off each other, you work as a team,  its also really good fun, I keep you moving into the poses and the time flies.  I think fun is infectious and when you go home after your session you go away feeling great about yourself and then you get to have those photos forever reminding you how fab you are


Ive a couple of places left on the June session, see link below to get in touch!

Booking Now {VIP Boudoir June session}

boudoir by lucytakesphotos

boudoir by lucytakesphotos

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