What is your inspiration and where do you find it???!!

….And how do you keep it….

Mine has always been music related, i used to have this poster (by Lance Mercer i think), of Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament, its my favourite band/gig shot and ive always wished that i could take a photo that meant as much to me as this. I cant even put into words what it is about the shot i like, i just think it captures the moment perfectly.

ed & Jeff

ed & Jeff

I love going to gigs and music photography and the last few months helping the running of Middle Earth Music Club made me reminisce back to my youth!

I loved music, back when MTV was good, Ray Cokes/Headbangers Ball anyone??! Bands like Soundgarden, White Zombie, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Wildhearts, all with very visual album designs, great t shirts and merch. I was always out listening to local bands and i always had a crappy camera with me.

I dont look at music now like i did back then, maybe I’m old or maybe the music isnt as good but i think the time has gone where we’ll see such a classic album covers like Dark side of the Moon, London Calling/Clash or Ten/PJ, Nevermind/Nirvana etc but theres still that poster in the back of my head making me try harder to get that magic moment, try a new experience or excitedly lose myself over an awesome gig.

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