Theres nothing I love more than newborn fingers and toes, sleepy babies and being there in the first week to capture that lovely time. ❤

so tiny!

so tiny!

I will come to your home normally a week before your due date, ( home is good, youll be more relaxed and relaxed makes for pretty pictures) the shoot lasts for an hour, if you have any personal items youd like in the photos we can include them, it could be your engagement ring, an ultrasound scan, anything really! husbands and partners can get involved if you like or it can just be all about you and bump 🙂

Then after baby is born, between a week and ten days is the best time to get those gorgeous sleepy baby shots, i come back to the house and do the second part of the package, again, using any personal items to add character. This part could take longer than the hour, sometimes baby needs to feed or gets cranky and needs a break, the beauty of being at home means theres no stress on anyone.

It will take me up to 3 weeks to edit the photos but i always try and email one or two sneak peeks so you have something to show your friends and family.


part one