Fun Stuff!

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  The Photobooth is fab for a bit of fun and getting people talking to each other at a party or your wedding. It’s manned by me so I can help pose you if you feel like you need it and you don’t have to worry about working the camera.                 

I have some props and a pretty floral backdrop but I do find new things here and there and am experimenting with different styles of backdrop at the moment so just ask if there’s anything you would like!


At the moment I don’t have the capacity to do onsite printing, so the Booth is more for a bit of fun and something for your guests to enjoy.

After editing all the photos I upload them into a private gallery on the blog for your friends to look through, I will also supply you with a dvd slideshow from the night.

Prints can be ordered on request.

halloween booth

halloween booth

tally ho!

tally ho!