I like pink and I cannot lie…

It’s having a moment… Millennial Pink…  My favourite colour has been given a name, it’s trending, it’s the ‘go to’ colour for everything now….

A soft, blush, chalky muted pink that will go well with dark teal walls or a softer dove grey, home interior magazines and Instagram feeds are going crazy for this popular colour. Big name brands such as Le Creuset and Kitchenaid both have newly launched products in the colour, John Lewis has called 2017 ‘the year of Millennial Pink’…

I’m not sure what to think about this!! Have I fallen for a big marketing plot or can I think for myself!? I’ve been happy to see more pink things recently because I’m a big fan, but (tongue in cheek) I am waaay ahead of the trends, I’ve used the colour for my branding for a while now, but not because it’s cool… because I like it, and that’s the important thing to think about when we’re talking ‘trends’ … do what you like because YOU like it!! It is really hard to stop yourself from being influenced by social media but stick to what feels right, don’t compare yourself to others and be yourself. OK rant over!




A Mo for Movember

So its nearly halfway through Movember, raising awareness for prostate cancer, have you sponsored anyone yet??

if not, do!! its a great cause .

I love spending time/wasting time/messing around with photoshop, heres a little something i just knocked up, well, it prob took me around an hour ( the possibilities are endless!!)

I hope you can see the cool moustaches, if you click on the picture you can see it bigger 😀

the typefaces i used are:

Sanchez Mustache, Calendar Note, and Londrina Solid and i got them from www.dafont.com

This one includes layers, custom shapes, layer styles, different fonts,  nothing too major but fun to play with.

Hope you like it!