Food Details @ Urban Kitchen Coffee Co.

Heres the first batch of recent photos ive done for a local coffee shop, really lovely place in the town, im still in the middle of the job but i really wanted to share these because i really like them! hope you do too 🙂      check them out on Facebook and go and see for yourself how fab the place is!

Happy St Patricks Day!

I’m not a fan of the colour green or leprechauns, but ive trawled through my hard drive and found an odd photo of a rock in the middle of some long dewy grass with a snail on it…. ive always liked the photo, though it doesnt really have much going on in it!

{taken near the quarry at Redbog}

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My first Blog post! The Dewdrop Inn, Kill

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Hey! and welcome to my new website, hopefully I will get the hang of this and you will like what you see!

I’ll tell you a bit about myself in my next post but just to get me started here are a few shots to showcase the newly muralised (is that a real word?!) smoking area from a recent shoot in the Dewdrop.

(mural by Dom Browne)