Network Ireland style clinic

Last week I went to a Network Ireland night in the Osprey Hotel, its aimed at women in business and I thought it would be good fun to go and see what its all about.  Sonya  Lennon was there to give a talk and there were members showcasing their businesses too, I had my camera with me as I was asked to take a few pics of my friend Jill Blanc Designs table, it was the best one in the room by far, she’d put so much effort into it as always.

One thing that struck a chord with me about Sonya Lennons talk was ‘Collaboration’- she said that if you can get a small group of individuals together and work between yourselves and help each other in different aspects of your businesses then you will get further, I really agree with this approach, some people will be better at advertising than you, or you might be the creative one in the group, it all adds up to working really well as a whole. Its something i want to do more of this year, working with likeminded creatives and doing some more styled shoots and we all win!  Anyway, I’m glad I went, I will probably join as a member in January and get to go to more of these things 🙂

Heres a few photos, I didnt get one of Sonya as I was too busy listening to what she was saying!!