Arlene Bailey new website portraits

Heres a few shots from the studio, Arlene was looking to update her website and wanted them to be modern and sexy, a bit rock chick 🙂 we had fun in the consultation deciding on outfits, hair and makeup and settling on a look to go for, i always do up a mood board for my clients to visualise what Im talking about so we are both on the same page, she looks amazing but its still really important to show the real person behind all that!

You can find Arlenes new website here  click to open

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Redefining Boudoir

Im on a mission to empower women to adore their bodies!

I believe that imagery is powerful.

I LOVE that we can show our emotions, through our bodies and our impulses , with photography – it can be sublimely empowering and profoundly sexy!

Have you always wanted to, but thought you never could?  you dont have to be a model, even if you live in your tracky bottoms or think you’re not photogenic, I will uncover your inner vixen and you will love your photos!

This is more than just a photo session, its a full on confidence booster, its a girly private shoot with music, laughter, revelry, wine, chocs, bring a friend if youre feeling shy, bring those killer heels, book a fab hotel room and with hair and makeup we will bring the Glamour on!    Capital G!

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‘its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life, and im feeling good…..’    oh yeah!!