Cambridgeshire Mini Weddings, Tiny Weddings, Micro Weddings & Elopements

Turn your big day into a mini day and make the best of your wedding.

Micro wedding, mini wedding, elopement, family wedding, tiny wedding, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it can still be your wedding day. Things have changed monumentally this year for couples and for businesses in the wedding industry, but as a photographer who loves love and documenting your happy times I want to to still be able to shoot weddings. I have started offering a mini wedding package for couples that decide to marry in the registry office and are only allowed 6-15 people. Staff and photographers aren’t counted in the official numbers so you dont have to worry about me being there. (there is very little clarity but double check with your local venue though as some are smaller and really can’t allow the same numbers with the space they have)

My heart goes out to the couples that have been disappointed this year and have had to cut guests out or totally cancel, but I want to let you know that you can still go ahead and marry, have that special moment with your partner in the most personal smaller wedding, then later on next year maybe have your wedding reception of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be ruined.

I have shot family weddings in back gardens with beautiful personal touches at every step and I photographed a tiny wedding a few years ago that was so lovely, a couple and their young daughter and both sets of parents. I was there for portraits and cake afterwards and then they went for a meal out. They were still as special as bigger weddings, love wins , personality, creativity, emotion and intimacy when you are exchanging your vows is what makes your wedding special. Not numbers.

Supporting your wedding suppliers this year is crucial, cake makers, florists, bands and photographers like me are struggling, the creative arts are mostly unsupported by the government and having to return deposits, cancellations and couples cancelling altogether is disastrous for the industry. We just may not be there next year when you decide to have your wedding which is why I suggest working with your suppliers to figure something out, we all want the same thing!

The Positives

Your wedding will cost less, having less guests means forking out less on food and the venue, you could splash out on a private chef for a special meal or book a fancy restaurant you wouldn’t normally choose. You might even decide to save the money and put it towards an amazing honeymoon later on.

Shy couples out there will feel less pressure to perform or if you feel like you don’t like the idea of being in the limelight then a small micro wedding will help ease those fears.

Time! You will have more time in the day to enjoy the moment, you will have time to talk to each other and there will be more time in the day to take some creative wedding portraits.

You could have two wedding outfits! Maybe you would like a party with friends and family who couldn’t be at your mini wedding later on in the year, this means you could wear a new dress, or it gives you a chance to get glammed up again, who normally gets to wear their wedding gear twice?!

Mini Weddings

Mini weddings might be here to stay, the wedding business has changed for all suppliers and we don’t want to give up doing what we love! So it is important to us that we can change our plans to suit our couples. I offer a 3 hour photography package that will cover your ceremony and portraits and of course all the little details that make your wedding day special.

All about you

I am happy to tailor my time to suit your day, if your mini wedding includes a meal in the evening then I can shoot your marriage early on and come back for the evening. Talk to me about your ideas and let’s make a plan that fits around you. I can add on extra time if needed, just ask.

Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings and elopements may be a new idea but they are not a step down or a plan B, your marriage is special thing in this horrible time that we are living through. It is a monumental moment in your lives and I would love to help you document it. I still think of it as your big day and I give as much as I would to a larger wedding.

Love is not cancelled!

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