Some lovely words from happy VIP’s


When I discovered I had won Lucy’s competition I thought it was a mistake, I could not believe it was true. After I got over the shock of winning, dread and worry set in as I am so self-conscious and despise my body, I have body dismorphia , I was sick with nerves. I tried to talk myself out of doing it. So best foot forward after some lovely emails from Lucy the day arrived and off I went. As soon as I met Lucy and Michelle my shoulders fell and I relaxed instantly. It was like chatting with your best friends.

I had my makeup done by Michelle from Kandigloss, it was so lovely and relaxing. The finished result was WOW, I felt like a film star!
The time came for the photography part, so nice underwear was put on and I hid in a dressing gown, I had it gripped so tight!
Lucy put me right at ease, immediately, so dressing gown was flung off! We giggled and chatted, Lucy guided me and took all the time in the world with me. I felt good. I felt uplifted too.  I was actually upset when the day ended, it was just all so lovely, every aspect.
The experience helped me feel better about myself and gave me a real boost, I didn’t believe that could be done with me, but the girls did it! They gave me a day to remember and treasure and the photographs that blew my husband away….his eyes and smile said it all, thank you so much girls!

Hi Lucy, I just wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable experience at the shoot today.

As you know, I was apprehensive beforehand about stripping down to my undies! but you made me feel relaxed straight away, everything from the decor in the room, music, a glass of wine made for a great atmosphere. I need not have worried about posing as you talked me through everything and I felt you genuinely cared that I would be happy with the outcome. It’s clear that you have a passion for photography and making sure the client has the best time in the process. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested to give this a shot, you wont be disappointed!

From S – A VIP Lady