What to expect at your session

  • We open the wine and put some of your favourite tunes on while you get pampered in hair & make-up.
  • I will be getting the room ready for you, making sure it’s not too cold, and checking my lighting is good.
  • You have already filled in my questionnaire and read through my boudoir magazine, so I know a bit about you and what you hope to get from your session.
  • Hair and makeup takes around an hour so hopefully you’ve relaxed a little by now!
  • We begin the shoot with me talking you through a couple of easy poses, you’ll soon start to warm up and get used to me being behind the camera.
  • If you are feeling shy or silly, just let me know, we can slow down, do some make-up closeups and have a chat.
  • If you feel awkward, it might help to know that when I’m behind the camera I’m not looking at wobbly bits/stretch marks (which I also have) I’m looking at the shapes your body makes in my camera and I’m composing the shot to make you look your best.
  • Sometimes these poses may feel strange, like you’re having a workout or you’re using muscles you don’t normally use. That’s probably true!
  • The session will last for about an hour, If i feel like you need a little more time to relax then i’ll add on a little more, this shoot is all about you and making you feel good so we’re not rushing!
  • During our time we can use some of your props, we can try out the poses that you found online, your partner can even pop in for the last 5 minutes if that is what you want.
  • I don’t take explicit images but I will shoot tasteful and carefully posed nudes if you request it.
  • That’s it! The end of the shoot and I suggest going out for a lovely lunch or meal out and make good use of the hair and make-up styling!
  • A week later your images are delivered to you in digital files via an online gallery, you can download them straight to your computer. They will be fully edited to my style. I will also supply a folder with the same images but watermarked for online use.
  • I have a VIP Ambassador referral scheme in place, this works like a loyalty card and means that you can bank money off for every client you refer that books in with me.