Famous Amazing Quotes?? Nope, I thought I’d write a little about me & why I started taking photos. I’ll add to this page as I think of things and I’ll try and answer your burning questions.

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: I set up Lucytakesphotos back in 2013 after doing a business course, but I have unofficially been taking photos since I was a teenager. I was always the one behind the camera, before I had a digital camera I used disposable film cameras, then in 2002 I bought a Minolta Film SLR camera and spent ALOT of money wasting film (learning…)

Q: What do you like about photography & what are your favourite things to shoot?

A:  I like to show people how naturally lovely they are. I’m good at posing people and know the best angles to make the best of all body types. I’d love to have good photos of myself but I never felt good in front of the camera, I really dislike being the focus of attention so I think this is my way of making up for that.  My photography helps other people feel happy and confident in themselves.  My favourite things to shoot are probably food and live music, both things I enjoy and would love to do more of!

Q: I’d like to learn more about photography, can you help?

A: Yes! I love meeting other fellow creatives and would love to help out if I can, I offer one on one lessons for any age. I can also highly recommend a website that has helped me immensely, go to Creative Live and check out all the lessons they have online, it’s an invaluable resource.