Anatomy of a Logo

Here’s a quick thought process for a simple logo design I did yesterday, my friend came to me with a few ideas (Purple was important) and 40mins later over facebook chat we had this done for her new blog.  I thought i’d try and share the way i go through ideas.


FabLOUous Blog

anatomy of a logo

Ceol Collective


Ceol Collective is a new collaborative website bringing the best of music and culture in Ireland to a wider audience. The website will showcase new and exciting musicians, poets, performers and writers.

The ‘collective’ is a team of passionate music lovers, photographers, poets , musicians, and videographers who will write with honesty and enthusiasm.


I am happy to say that I am part of this gang of like-minded souls , some of my photography is live on the website and a couple of reviews as well.


Check out the site at or give us a follow on twitter @ceolcollective. Easy Peasy!

Heres a bit of design ive added to the creative pot!

Gig next week, see belownew poster

facebook title

ceol logo

Vintage floral family wedding

Wow, ive never felt the love like i did at last weeks wedding, everyone was so lovely and it was a family affair at home which held many memories and sentiments for my bride. We had a dads first look and there were so many fab details too, from the lemon theme with the brides stunning manolos and fabulous bouquet , to the pretty wedding cake and dessert table made by the maid of honour. I just have to share a few images!

Blogging & social media Karma

Here are a few quick tips for blogging newbies who dont want to annoy people!

I wouldnt call myself a blogger but i do try to keep my website here updated with new shoots, and im on twitter and facebook, its not something I enjoy but i do my best!  I want to write this now because it seems that not everyone would be as conscientious as the next and sometimes things get ‘shared’ ( read stolen) without the original owner being notified or linked. This is a very dodgy thing to do these days but there are copyright laws in place and the more people know about them the better.

Im not going to go into alot of detail as i think its all very obvious, its not my area of expertise and a quick google will find you loads of websites dedicated to blogging and the etiquette involved but here are a few little things that are easy to fix.

1. Give Credit Where Credit is Due!

Big number 1 pet peeve of mine is people using my photos without asking me, linking me, tagging me, etc you get the jist. It doesnt take alot to type “taken by lucytakesphotos, heres her website……….”  its the polite thing to do, if you havent paid for it, you dont own it!!! grrrrr!!  I really don’t want to start putting an ugly watermark all over my images.

Luckily I normally work with people who stick to the rules but Ill never forget the day I saw a photo of mine (Pixellated because they stole a low res image from facebook) on a HUGE poster in a shop window in the middle of the town where I live. It really annoyed me then, the excuses annoyed me and i still get angry just writing about it now!! dont do it.

2. Original Content

Don’t assume that if you credit the author there is no copyright infringement: a lot of people wrongly think that if they credit the author of an article or image they are not violating the copyright law. You can only use copyrighted material if you have explicit permission from the author to do so.

The argument that you put something online and its going to get used/shared/stolen/edited is not one that can be used these days, you will sound ignorant if you use that excuse.

Also its always best to write your own content, dont just add the link to someone elses page, its bad for google search results and it makes you look lazy.

3. Be Yourself

Be yourself, you have your own unique ideas, be interesting! Dont write content just for SEO. Yawn!







So thats it really, a few quick tips. We all make mistakes but hopefully a bit of research is all it takes and if you want to find out more have a google or sign up for a blogging course in your area.



Happy Blogging!!


I love JP & Luke, they are one of my favourite bands and most people know them as “those guys that did the JCB song” and possibly nowadays you might have heard Ed Sheeran cover their song ‘All my Life’ . I’ve never been to a gig as uplifting and fun as a Nizlopi gig, they give a natural high.

This gig i was thrilled to shoot for CeolCollective was the last night of a tour, they hadnt played here for 6 years, i hope they realise that we need them back soon!! 

Full review here …..


click below if you want to find out more about the boys

JP is in a band- the will pound band and Luke has a solo project as well – Luke

 xx peace and love dudes!!! 

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Delorentos @vicar street

Here’s Delorentos at Vicar Street just before Christmas, photoing for

review here, by Una Begley. 

Give us a follow on twitter if you like music!!


Delorentos album Night Becomes Light has been nominated for Meteor Choice Prize – Irish Album of the Year!

click on images for full size. ©lucytakesphotos 2014


Arlene Bailey new website portraits

Heres a few shots from the studio, Arlene was looking to update her website and wanted them to be modern and sexy, a bit rock chick 🙂 we had fun in the consultation deciding on outfits, hair and makeup and settling on a look to go for, i always do up a mood board for my clients to visualise what Im talking about so we are both on the same page, she looks amazing but its still really important to show the real person behind all that!

You can find Arlenes new website here  click to open

click on images to enlarge..

Dublin Simon Community Volunteer Awards

I recently shot the red carpet at a charity event run by the Dublin Simon Community in The Morrisson Hotel, an award ceremony to recognise the work done by all the amazing volunteers, it was a great night, really humbling- I’m glad lucytakesphotos could be there. Keep an eye on their Facebook or website if you want to view the rest of the nights photos.

They have a new campaign at the moment it would be great if everyone reading this would go and have a look at their website.

Dublin Simon Community



Thanks a million for your work, everyone mentioned what a pleasure it was to work with you on the night. 
Padraic Hanley, Volunteer Officer.